The Chile Harvest is our Favorite Time of the Year

During the short season, we bring truckloads of chile from New Mexico to the Northwest.

Los Roast began as a seasonal roasting operation and we continue to roast Hatch chile in front of local markets, restaurants, street fairs, and farmers markets in Portland throughout August and September. 

We also supply our fresh green chile to produce departments throughout the Northwest.

We've developed a roasting program with Roth's Fresh Markets in Salem, OR and Town and Country and Central Markets in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

We trained their employees how to roast like New Mexicans.  Now we provide them with the best chile New Mexico has to offer, and sell them the safest most efficient roasters on the market built by A La Maquina Mfg

All the green chile that is in our year round products are also processed during this short season.

We also provide pre-roasted chile to restaurants, stores, and delis who don't have the ability to roast for their customers.

Best in the West?

You bet it is. Every year we contract acres of chile from RRR Farms in Hatch, NM and Diaz Farms in Deming, NM.

Randy Franzoy operates RRR Farms with his brother Ryan and Father Rodney.  He and his brother are 5th generation chile growers. The Franzoy's were the first family to begin growing New Mexico chile commercially and have greatly contributed to the quality and fame of chile grown in the Hatch Valley. They grow onions, alfalfa, cotton, and various high yielding chile varieties. 

 Los Roast co-founder Marshall Berg and Eddie Diaz of Diaz Farms

Los Roast co-founder Marshall Berg and Eddie Diaz of Diaz Farms

Eddie Diaz and the Diaz Family have also been growing chile, jalapenos, pintos, pumpkins, onions, squash, as well as ranching Black Angus outside of Deming, NM for going on five generations. They operate a famous produce market off the Silver City Highway right before Deming. Eddie also grows the sun dried red chile pods and red jalapeños that we use for our red chile sauce and New Mexico grown chipotle.